Thursday, 27 December 2012

My Fantasy LBD Outfit

Excuse me for the poor moodboard as this was my first time making one but here is my fanatsty LBD, ready to take on the party season. 

Now I love looking pretty but i also like to convey a certain edge sometimes. I have so many LBDs i thought this would be a perfect time to expand from my normal LBD looks. I chose Pretty vs Kick arse, which I used to inspire this particular LBD outfit.

 I like the ballerina dress with the mesh poking out underneath, it almost give me a certain princessy look and also give me more curves to my hips. The cut out is perfect for me as i don't have the curviest of figures but I am slim therefore I get to flaunt what I do have. I paired the dress with a black peplum blazer to again draw attention to my narrow waist but also continues the effect of an almost princess outfit.

After this I change direction with my style and opt to meet it with a biker/rock chick look. The studded boots I love because it gives me the freedom of dancing forever how long I want and I would never have to worry about the pain of fashion if i had chosen a pretty high heel.

I finished the outfit off with using OPI's gold shatter over their black onyx colour and  accessorizing with  an ASOS Bling Cross Pendant Necklace so not to leave the neck bare as it is a V neck dress. I like the flecks of gold amongst this outfit as i love black and gold together and feel gold is a really christmassy colour.

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