Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sophie Says...Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor

Now, normally I love Soap & Glory products however this particular product just did not bode well with my skin type.

On some days my skin can be really dry and for the first few days I had this it worked really well and my skin felt so smooth, silky and smelt so good. Then a few days later just after I applied my make up my skin looked uneven and I realised that patches of dead skin on my face had started forming and the more I rubbed more skin came off. I was moulting. It was pretty disgusting and for the rest of the day I just had to wipe off all the make up on my skin which really annoyed me. This started to happen every time I used it so now I've given up.

I'm sure this product is fine on normal skin types but if you have quite dry or sensitive skin I'd advise to stay clear of it. That being said I think those with sensitive or really dry skin should perhaps stand by simpler products for moisturising such as E45, but I'm a sucker for nice smells and pretty packaging. 

( sorry for the rubbish picture, next time I'll use a better camera and shoot in day light)

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  1. Oh no! I've never had a bad product with S&G but i've not seen this one before! xx

    Gem xx | Miss Makeup Magpie