Thursday, 31 January 2013

Three Free E Books I Recommend

Kate Alexander is recuperating from a three year coma after a near fatal car accident. Her memories begin a year ago. Living in Houston with her husband and four year old son flight 524 explodes a flight her husband is on. There are no survivors.  Whilst mourning the death of her husband Kate finds a picture of a little girl and without a doubt in her mind she knows this is her daughter and begins to question everything that she has been lead to believe about her life. Her discovery directs her to San Francisco searching for answers about what had really happened four years ago.

Ryan Harrison is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company in San Francisco; he devotes his life to his job and his daughter after the tragic loss of his wife, Anna when her flight crashed.  He seemingly has everything a man could desire but he still yearns for another moment more with his wife. As Kate and his paths cross Ryan feels a familiarity in Kate, a connection that guides them in to a passionate romance and on to a trail of dangerous lies and secrets to discover what really happened on Anna’s flight all those years ago.

I really enjoyed the mystery in this book, the twists and turns kept making me turn the pages and were always engaging and the storyline well-paced. The romance is also good and at times heart wrenching. The audience also gets to follow not one but two couples which made it that more enjoyable to get to know other characters well.

Remy is caught in a world where humans are fighting for their survival after an outbreak of Lysaavirus Genotype 8; a mutation of the rabies virus which induced high adrenaline level to turn them inhumanly strong, incredibly violent and beyond the reach of rationality. They are now zombies.  

Nineteen year old Remy is on a mission across America to search for her brother Max after the quarantine they have been living in is attacked my zombies and burned to the ground.  Remy and Harlow manage to escape and set off on a page turning journey, north to where she is told her brother has been taken. Remy encounters zombies, a lion, a rockstar and a cult but nothing will stand in her way and stop her from finding her brother.

I picked this up as I´m fan of dystopian fiction and of Amanda Hocking, not so much of the zombie kind but this book converted me. Remy is fearless, she is kick-ass an I admire that a lot in a heroine compared to the damsel in distress type of female protagonists.

Dr Giovanni Vecchio has a long history, a history with an unsolved mystery. Whilst transcribing an old Tibetan Manuscript at a University archives he crosses paths with student librarian Beatrice De Nova. Miss De Nova catches his interest and after he delves further in to her background realises she could hold some valuable clues.

Beatrice´ s father has been missing for 10 years, assumed dead. After shocking revelations from Gio she finds out everything is not what it seems. Diving head first in to an unfamiliar paranormal world with handsome Gio  she’s throttled in to dangerous waters uncovering once well hidden secrets and the flames of a dark, brooding romance ignites.

Picking this up as a free read was a great choice. I liked it so much that I went ahead and bought the next in the series. Whilst other books lunge in to “instalove”, Elizabeth Hunter treats us to a slow-cooking romance. The book was well written balancing the right mixture adventure, mystery, drama and romance to keep the audience well entertained. 

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