Saturday, 2 February 2013

My January Birchbox

As I am sure everyone is aware of by now Birchbox, formerly known as Joliebox just launched their Beauty Box in the UK. I was lucky enough to win a three month subscription thanks to She Said Beauty so I am really excited to get to review these boxes until March!

Fresh® Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment

The fresh lip treatment was nice, I have tons of lip treatments, balms and lip glosses but this one worked really well leaving my lips really soft and moisturised for a long period not only for the first few minutes; It always a good thing to receive a product that always delivers on what its purpose is supposed to be. I also loved that taste, it reminded me of some sweets I used to eat as a small child, perhaps Sherbet, though I can't say for sure, it also smelt amazing.

Révérence de Bastien Unguent for Nails and Cuticles

I loved the fact this product was completely new to me. I normally neglect my hands and nails, most of the time I just cannot be bothered because if I give myself a manicure in two days time it will be chipped and horrid as it looks like my hands are doing the walk of shame. I also suck at giving myself a manicure. This product smelt really good and has a really silky, luxuriant texture. I'm no nail or cuticle expert though so I cant really comment on the healthiness of my nails but I do believe I have noticed my nails become shinier and stronger when I have used this product.

WEI Royal Ming firming and hydrating cream

Honestly I'm not really a fan on facial skin products, I like my simple stuff and as its only a sample its hard to ever tell the effects with these things. If someone else turned round to me and said its done wonders for them I would change my mind though.

KMS California Add Volume Volumizing Spray

I loved this, I loved the smell, it smelt so good and professional, like you've just been to a top notch salon!  I also loved the use, its boring getting products saying oh this well get rid of your damage or will make your hair shiny, but the purpose of this product quickens the time it takes to dry your hair. My hair takes ages to dry so this product I really noticed the difference so it was such a useful product! The only bad thing about this product though was the bottle, I found it really difficult to spray on to my hair, it was hard to press down and sometimes nothing would come out.


I don't like many kinds of tea, I am a PG tips girl and I like to stick to the regular kind of tea. Whilst I was glad I got my preferred flavour I wouldn't drink it at any other time. At least it was warm and wet.

Over all I thought his was a reasonably strong showcase for Birchbox, the products where of a good size and even though two of the products I wasn't that pleased with the other stuff I love and now use 
regularly. I also loved the magazine, I think its a really special touch added on to these beauty boxes as it is always awesome to have a little fun magazine to read about the products and other articles of interest. 

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