Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Market In Salzburg

This Christmas I spent in Salzburg, Austria. Germany and Austria are notorious for their amazing Christmas markets, or known there as Christkindlmarkt. I thought I would share some of the pictures I made as it was such a beautiful place and had a wonderschön time.

This is the Festung Hohensalzburg, or as I call it the White Castle. It sits up on a high hill in the middle of the Altstadt in Salzburg and overlooks the Christkindlmarkt which is also situated in the Altstadt. Last Winter I actually went up there with my dad and it was amazing and really cheap, if i recall it was ten euros which included the train up the hill and back. It had an breath taking view and was really interesting and lots to freely explore.

 When Winter is around at any Christkindlmarkt these are around! These are Lebkuchen herze, they are a cookie each region has its own different recipes and flavours but generally the most popular are of cinnamon, almonds and ginger. They are very delicious and very sweet so I wouldn't suggest eating to much at once! I love when they sell these at markets because the icing makes them look very beautiful and special, like the one above is iced with Ich liebe Dich ( I love you). There are various other messages as well making it a really nice gift for someone.

And more food... perhaps I am a little obsessed with Bavarian cuisine. As you can see the stalls offer numerous baked goods, something that bavaria are quite reknowned for which is also well deserved.

And of course, what everyone comes for. The Christmas decco! Last year I bought this cute little handmade doe which has sparkled as its sat in my apartment for the past year.They items can be quite expensive but it's worth it to get such pretty unique items.

Have you visited a bavarian  Christmas market or another kind? How did you like it? Did you buy anything?


  1. Austria is such a beautiful, clean, scenic country. My husband and I are considering going there for a holiday this year. I probably will need to go on a diet when I come back because of the gorgeous food, especially the cakes