Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Glossybox - December 2012

Yes, I know. I am seriously late dishing out the review for this box but here I go putting my two cence ( or rather pennys ) in. 

In this Glossybox I recieved Seche Nail Lacquer in orange, a Milk_shake conditioning cream, a True Colour Lipstick in the cherry shade, a sample of Lemon by Mary Greenwell, a Sebamed Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream and a bonus Glossybox Blusher! Phew, feels like quite a lot.

What I thought

Seche Nail Lacquer

Honestly I only just tried out the Seche Nail Lacquer. The colour I got, orange, just didn't really appeal to me and I've been prefering the darker colours such as deep purple, navy, gold and black this season. On the other hand there are 33 colours in the range so I am sure there is a colour for everyone. On the positive side once I had applied it did dry pretty quickly so I didn't have to worry long about smudging it or wiping it on something which is great for me as I sit in the bathroom till my nails dry as I can be such a klutz and wipe it on the furniture. It is a decent product I'm just not so sure if I would spend £9.95 for it.

Sleek Make-up, True Colour Lipstick

I was quite thrilled to receive my True Colour lipstick and I now regularly use it. I love the beautiful cherry colour I was lucky enough to get; I think thats the trouble with these boxes, you don't always get the colour that you want or suits you. However this one did and I've been wanting a lipstick in a similar shade for a while now, I just wasn't ballsy enough to take the step out of my natural colours comfort zone and try something a little bit more daring. I also love that size of this product, at 3.5g it came in full size for £4.99. I hate when I buy a product such a lip-gloss or eye-shadow and it just seems to stay for ever and ever and ever and...well you get the point. I hate it cluttering up my drawer yet it stays and rots there because I don't want to waste it by throwing it away.  With smaller sizes I use them quicker so I don't feel guilty about buying another item. 

Milk_shake conditioning whipped cream

Now the Milk_shake conditioning cream I really liked and now I use it daily. My hair can become extremely aggressively knotty and I angrily attack it with my hair brush when I'm not in the mood which is such a bad idea if you want to keep your hair healthy. After my shower I just popped this on my hair and it was so easy to brush my hair after. I really appreciated this product this month and when I run out I strongly believe that I will purchase it for £14.79.

Lemon by Mary Greenwell

The Lemon Perfume from Mary Greenwell I was not so keen on. I definitely wouldn't spend £90.00 for a 100ml bottle. If I wanted to smell like this I would just buy some Febreze for myself, much cheaper. It wasn't an awful smell but it reminded me so much of a place that has just been cleaned, like a toilet in a nice restaurant or of washing the dishes

Sebamed, Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream

Now I feel quite passive towards this product. It wasn't bad but it didn't amaze me either. It didn't immensely moisturise my skin but it didn't leave it all oily and greasy which is a quality in moisturisers that I hate. Its not enough to make me change my current moisturiser but using it a few times before  bed wasn't so bad.

Glossybox Blusher

I am really glad this came along with the box! Days before my current pink blusher just crumbled in to a million pieces in my make up bag on a flight home and all over the contents of my make up bag. Gutting. And I was only left with some bronzer when in Winter months I definitely prefer to go for the rosy cheek look. The Glossybox blusher does it job, when applying it feels nice to the skin and lasts for a fair amount of time with a sweet pink blush glow.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I love the GB Blusher!
    The milkshake conditioning whipped cream sounds LUSH!