Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Book Review: I Am Alive - Cameron Jace ****

Sixteen-year-old Decca Tenderstone feels captivated when she meets Leo, who is arrogant, silent, beautiful, and shoots almost every one he meets.

The usual boring girl meets bad boy story... with a twist ...

They live in a dystopian future in Los Angeles where every sixteen-year-old is ranked on a scale from one to ten to determine their future. Outranks, who are considered a danger to society, are forced to attend the Monster Show, a brutal sacrificing ritual that is broadcasted worldwide on live TV, where rebellious teens are labelled Bad Kidz or Monsters and get to fight for their lives in deadly games.

To prove that you're still alive you have to scream I Am Alive every six hours. Lower your voice, and you're dead.

Decca doesn't need Leo's company. She has secrets of her own. While they both can't stand each other, she will find out why she doesn't fit into any rank.

Nothing will stand in her way as she has to make choices concerning love, life, staying alive, growing up, and finding out who she really is

Yes, I know what you are all thinking. Its like The Hunger Games right? Wrong. 

This book is astronomically better. The similarities stop at that it is a totalitarian society and that the shows are televised. Try this book and you will be exhilarated by the ideas and intelligence executed during the Monster Shower.

The only reason I felt I was obligated to rate it as a four star and not a give a five is that I thought the relationship between Decca and Leo could have been built up better to give an even better impact, however I still loved every moment! Also I did notice a few minor grammatical errors in my version but honestly I really didn't give a damn.

I loved all the pop culture references linking it back to our current time and it was just so entertaining the whole way through. I started reading it earlier this morning and I just could not put it down. 

My heart is yearning for the next book which was already released as the Girl with Golden eyes however the Author, Cameron Jace decided to rewrite the next instalment as he wanted to give his readers a better version as it was pointed out as being to similar to The Hunger Games.  I'm pretty sure I will be thinking about this book incessantly till i can my hands on the next one!


  1. This sounds quite entertaining, and reminds me of bits of other books

  2. Would be a good holiday read I think