Friday, 11 January 2013

My Recent Giveaway Wins!

As you may or may not know one of my hobbies is entering competitions. I thought I would share with you guys some of the things that I have won recently in hope of it inspiring you to!

This is by far my most favourite win which was hosted my Diffusion an online store selling designer goods! I won this on Instagram by uploading an awful picture of my doggy in a Santa Claus suit, usually he is so vain but on this particular occasion he would not keep still! Nevertheless just because I put a tiny bit of effort in to taking a picture and uploading it there were fewer compares and won all of this lovely Ted Baker goodies which is worth of 190 pounds!

This I won from the Stella Giveaway hosted on the telegraph. It is a lovely eyeliner by Inika worth around 13 pounds. Its also really useful as the lid has a sharpener on it. I also won some dove bodywash and some body oil on this giveaway to.

On the blog musha-moi I won two bath blasters and a November Beauty Box from She Said Beauty. I had never tried bath blasters before, usually because I was turned off at the price for one use but they made my bath feel so luxurious, my skin was unbelievably soft and I felt amazing with the glitter that had dispersed in the bath stayed on my skin. I am definitely tempted to buy them again. I think in a future blogpost I shall review the products i received in the Beauty Box.

For me this was a really lucky win! I won two colour masks from the Schwarzkopf website and it couldn't of come at a better time. The week previous I made a horrible decision with my hair colour and it turned quite orange and brassy. Who'd of thought dying blonde hair blonde was so difficult. Anyway these hair dye's sorted me right out and was such a relief to have a nice hair colour again as I am on a tight budget and spending ten pounds on a new hair dye can be so annoying.

I love books so its always nice to win a few books. Most of the time I win them from Goodreads but I do win them from various places and win e books too. 

From the lovely blog Liparazzi i won this lovely REN giftset, I havn't used it yet but I shall surely soon.

I won from another blog the December She Said Beauty Box, which sadly is the last of the She Said Beauty Box's as they are now discontinued. By far my most favourite thing is the Bourjois Paris nail polish remover however I shall save all that for another review post!

So you see comping is really worth it espeacilly in the month of December when fruits are plentiful. I haven't won anything overly massive as of yet but I have won a two night stay at a Hotel in Lindau, Germany. I haven't yet planned when I am going yet but I am very excited.

What are the biggest things you have one? Are there particular places where you find your most successful competitions?


  1. Wow! What a stack of Prizes! I love entering Comps too - which is what brought me to you.... I love the material you have sat the eyeliner on you have won, what does that belong to? Is it clothing? Or just material. Is beautiful!

  2. Fantastic bundle!! Always nice to see someone win ;) I had a lovely letter land on my doorstep on Friday (I thought it was from my sons school) saying I'd won a family holiday to any Europarc at anytime with travel included up to £1400!! Someone sprinkled lucky dust on me ;)

  3. I won the same she said beauty box but didn't really like it! Looks like you won some other great stuff

  4. Wow, some great wins there well done, love the bags. I enter quite a lot of competitions too. Before christmas I won a lovely italian food hamper and 25 boxes of Special K.

  5. Some lovely wins there, I love entering comps too. I mostly win kids things but this year I'm hoping to win some beauty bits and bobs. Makes waiting for the postie exciting!