Friday, 8 March 2013

German Face Mask Reviews

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting Lindau in Germany, along with a quick trip to Lichtenstein and Switzerland. On my trip I decided to pick up a few face masks to try. I happily bought a few as all of them were in the range of ,49 and ,99 cents from a supermarket/drug store called Müller.

Müller Cadevera Pre&After Party

I decided to buy two supermarket brand face masks the first in which is the Müller Cadevera Pre&After Party Face Mask.

This, as you would guess it, is for before and after your "Party". There are two sachets with a different mask. in. The pre party sachet is a clear light pink gel to apply over the face and this smelt really sweet which must of been the honey and melon extract. There is also Aloe Vera extracts and this really refreshed  and softened my skin nicely before applying my make up. 

The after party sachet was a white face mask which was a more cream substance than a gel. My skin didn't take too kindly to this. I have quite sensitive skin and after I applied it burned a little and my face was very, very red when I washed it off. I can only hope that this was a sign that my skin was cleansed and any dirt from my previously worn make up is well and truly banished.

Müller Cadevera Anti-Pickel

This I bought a few of as I wanted to test the effects. An anti-pickel pack is basically anti spots mask, unfortunately like the Muller after party pack this felt like it was burning my skin and turned it bright red. This was also a white cream substance. As I don't have a big problem with spots so I rarely liked to use this product considering the effects on my skin. I assume as it's from the same brand that there is a ingredient they use that really aggravates my skin which is a shame. The pack comes with two sachets and I found you could get three uses worth out of one sachet. 

Schaebens Erbeer Maske

This was by far my favourite mask out of them all. The mask is for cleaning the dirt from your pores and purifying them aswell as preventing blemishes and aids skin rejuvenation. The mask strongly smelt of strawberries and was a light pink shade cream. The packet said "mit peeling" which I assumed meant that it was a peel off mask however the instructions said to wash it off with warm water so if anyone knows what "mit peeling" means for this I'd love for you to share your knowledge as my German is not the best. There was a slight exfoliant in this which was nice as I was applying and it didn't dry out my skin at all and my skin was very soft once it was washed.

Schaebens Schoko Maske

Now this one is pretty much all for the pleasure whilst your in the mood for pampering yourself as it claims to leave your soft and silky. The best thing about this mask is the taste! The packet says "schmeckt lecker" which translates to tastes delicious. And delicious it was. I had trouble to resist after the first time hesitantly tasting the mask. The mask was quite greasy and sticky, when I washed it off I didn't really notice any difference in my skin but its definitely a great one to use if you just want to relax and pamper yourself and it smells and tastes great!

With both the Schaebens you were given 2 sachets and I could comfortably squeeze two uses out of one sachet. These German face masks are if anything definitely value for money.

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