Monday, 11 March 2013

Chalking It

I've loved the dip dye, non natural colours and ombre looks recently so I decided to attempt all of them by using some chalk. Though I was overall happy with the final look I did run in to a few problems. This isn't a tutorial because I wouldn't trust myself giving you advise on your hair, I'm no expert but here are just a couple of warnings.

First of all I would like to warn any of you who are thinking of using chalks and have blonde hair, DO NOT wet your hair before unless you want it to stain for a while. I followed a tutorial from a fellow blogger who was a brunette and had the misfortune of finding this out on one of the times I was experimenting.

Another thing, if you are buying hair chalks from online, espeacilly Amazon, though they may be advertised as hair chalks they're probably just ordinary art chalks which you can pick up really cheaply from all over the place! I bought mine from Amazon for fifteen pounds and regretted it once they arrived as they were not hair chalks just normal chalk but they work pretty well, it's just a waste of money when they could be a fifth of the price!

An extra hand would of been welcomed whilst I was doing this as doing round the back was a pain. From my pack I chose green, blue and purple so shade my hair in. It wasn't perfect but I really enjoyed the time playing with  the colours in my hair and I will be definitely experimenting more with the colours in the Spring and Summer as it's such a fun look. 

Id love to hear about you're experiences with hair chalk or any suggestions for the colour combo's I use next!


  1. I know this is probably a really stupid question but do they just wash out? And how well do they come out with brown hair. Definitely suites you, would look great at a festival too :) xx

    1. Awh thank you =) And Yes they do wash out, if you're like me and wet your hair first then it takes quite a few washes to come out though.
      I can't say anything from experience but I've seen others photos and works just as well!